Everything About Our Work

We are people who know how hard it can be to find true love or a caring partner. We are enthusiasts who believe that online dating is the key to helping people all over the world find soulmates and true happiness. If you don’t want to waste your time looking for a proper online dating service, our experience and knowledge are for you to use! We have tried many sites and know enough to offer our recommendations and tips regarding the world of online dating!

What is it in for us?

Our site offers a lot of useful information for every user. Our goal is to offer you not only a deep comparison and analysis of online dating sites but also a detailed analysis of hundreds of thousands of platforms that can offer you enough information to choose from. We want to make your online dating experience simple and comfortable. To do so, we partner with various platforms that want to be promoted. We write a detailed and honest review, and every time a user reads and clicks on links within the article, we get compensated. themailbride.com is free to use. You don’t need to pay to get access to any content. Kindly keep in mind that since we work with various dating sites, such cooperation can influence the order of platforms in our ratings.

How the reviews are created?

To write a review, our team of designers, analysts, writers, and dating experts evaluate a site from different perspectives. It is our goal to make sure that a review is detailed, honest, and informative. We conduct surveys, collect real-life feedback, compare competitors, and follow all changes that occur on sites that we review. If something changes on a platform, we modify our reviews accordingly, so you can enjoy the most relevant information available.

Criteria of reviews

A lot of information has to be processed in order to write reviews. Generally, each of our guides and articles is divided into certain parts that correspond with the main criteria of proper dating platforms. We use stars to define the quality of a certain element, where 1 star is the lowest mark and 5 stars are the best mark.

Consumer opinion and feedback

One of the simplest and most obvious and effective factors of a good dating site is its popularity. If a lot of people choose a certain site, then it should be a decent dating portal. Our writers and members analyze the overall number of users as well as the retention rates to see how many users remain active after a certain time.


It is essential to analyze not only the existing members and their profiles but also customers who used the site at some point in time. Therefore, we collect information on sites like Sitejabber or Trustpilot where users can leave feedback on their experiences. It is a great way to obtain an impartial and real-life perspective on the site that we just started reviewing.


Design is a major part of an online dating site, even though some may not think that. We have great designers who know everything about good site layout, color scheme, and other design concepts. Also, we test the site on various devices to make sure that it is accessible on laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets.

Quality of profiles

Quantity of profiles is important, but so is its quality. Our dating experts review profiles of active members to see how detailed and informative they are. Usually, good dating sites encourage their members to make their profile pages as creative and appealing as possible. And we review that!


Online dating sites, however detailed and well-designed can be, can be challenging for newcomers. We closely inspect how customer service works on every site we review.

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