Everything About Our International Brides Agency & Women We Work With

Welcome to our brides agency website! Let us introduce ourselves – we are a team of experts in international dating. This is not just an industry or a business for us. We believe that every man and woman can find their soulmates, even if they live on the other side of the world. Our goal is to prove that mail order wives are real – we work with them, and the best thing we work successfully!

Online communication with mail order brides – Is it safe?

All guys who want to find a bride abroad are asking the same question: “Is it safe to search for a wife online?” In fact, there is no simple answer to this question – it largely depends on a company you work with.

Generally speaking, there are two categories of international brides agencies: the good, trusted companies that search for single girls and connect them with men, and the companies that are pretending that they are working hard without even trying to help their customers.

Here are some tips that will help you distinguish companies you should not deal with from the trusted organizations:

  • Extremely low prices. How can a company set very low prices while paying salaries, searching for women, arranging tours, promoting their services, etc.? The answer is simple – it cannot do that. So, if someone offers you to meet a bride and spend only $300 total, this is nothing but scam.
  • No phone or video calls. Anybody can pretend to be a foreign hottie, so if you cannot call your girlfriend, see her face or hear her voice in real time, there is a very strong possibility that she just does not exist.
  • An absolute guarantee of success. No one can guarantee success when it comes to dating. If a company representative says that you will marry someone in 6 months, this is a bad sign.

The hardest things about online dating – what difficulties may arise?

What problems can you face when searching for a perfect woman? Here is the list of things that are considered to be the main challenges:

  • Language barrier. As a foreign dating agency, we know for sure that the assumption that brides do not speak English at all not exactly true. Most of them have a relatively good level of English, and those who don’t can use the translation services provided by our company.
  • Lack of live communication. We cannot deny that a man cannot touch a bride’s hand or hug her unless they finally meet each other in her country. However, we provide our customers with an opportunity to make live phone and video calls, send gifts, etc. This allows us to provide a better dating experience.
  • No guarantees. We never have any guarantees. However, our agency works only with women who really want to marry a good guy. Consequently, they are not likely to change their mind for no reason and at the very last moment.

4 most common mistakes made by men looking for a wife online

So, you want to settle down and marry a pretty girl living in a far country. What can go wrong? Let us talk about three common mistakes men usually make when looking for love online.

What not to do when trying to find a foreign bride?

  1. Choose a wrong mail order bride agency. This is a fatal mistake that can turn your online dating experience into a complete disaster. No matter how nice, kind, handsome, and rich you are, if you choose the wrong company, you will lose all your money. No, you are likely to receive a lot of emails with tons of sexy girls’ profiles, but the truth is you never know if you are talking to a Filipino hottie or to a 40-year-old guy from Mumbai hired by this agency.
  2. Unrealistic expectations – if you want to meet a blonde 27-year-old lawyer who has heterochromia (two different colored eyes), and wears only red & yellow clothes, certain difficulties may arise;
  3. Focusing on looks – most men want to find the hottest girls ever, but this should not be the only criterion;
  4. Breaking the “dating rules” – some guys think that they do not have to court a woman who uses the services of a marriage agency, and that is also a big mistake.

Our customers’ reviews

mail order bride

Frankly, I was skeptical about online dating, but you guys changed my perspective. I love Asian girls a lot, and I always dreamed of an Asian wife, and well, I was right, they’re stunning, and I was lucky to meet my special girl. Today Meifeng and I are celebrating the 2nd anniversary, and I have never been happier. Thank you for making this possible! – Bryan, 37 years old

Well, it’s a bit more expensive than I expected, but it’s worth it. My life has changed since I met Marina! Many thanks for making me happier. – Nathan, 55 years old

I haven’t found my soulmate yet, but I must say that I really like how the team of this wife agency works. I’ve already received the contact details of 3 very hot women, so who knows, maybe I might have a future with one of them. Still, thank you for the work you do for single men like me. – Richard, 47 years old

Why choose our international marriage agency?

There is a fine line between promoting your brides agency and lying to customers. Most companies are pretending to be better than they really are – nothing personal, just another rule of marketing! We hope that we do not need that. Our team is making every effort to provide all customers with the best dating experience by offering them hundreds of options and dozens of effective dating strategies.

So why choose us?

  1. We know exactly how to find a wife from another country.
  2. We never lie to our customers.
  3. We check all the info provided by mail order brides.
  4. We work hard to add more profiles to our mail order brides catalogue.
  5. Our prices are reasonable.
  6. We make every effort to help you find your soulmate, not a random pretty girl.

We are grateful for our customers for choosing us. You inspire us and give us the strength to make every possible effort to get a bit better day by day. We have certain standards and principles and stand by them at all costs. We are happy to help men find a foreign bride, so if you want to marry a girl from another country, please, feel free to contact us at any time!

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